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Soleus Pushup – A Breakthrough Discovery In Metabolic Health!


Hey Upside Tribe! We have some exciting news to share with you from the world of metabolic health. Marc Hamilton, Professor of Health and Human Performance at the University of Houston, is spearheading research into a little something called the “Soleus Pushup” (SPU). 

The soleus is a muscle located on the calves. It begins right behind the knees and ends just above the ankle. It is a powerful muscle that if activated correctly can elevate the body’s metabolism for hours even if the body is in a sedentary position. 

This study which is still in its infancy is showing a lot of promise in pushing the boundaries of optimizing the metabolism. The Soleus Pushup could essentially become a tool that could change the way we improve metabolic health and enhance the overall performance of our bodies. 

Why Is This Discovery & Research Important For Metabolic Health? 

We all are well aware of the fact that a good metabolism is important to live a healthier life. (link to metabolic health fundamentals blog) Metabolic health is the ability of the body to digest food and absorb nutrients in a beneficial way. It essentially means the ability to transform food into necessary biological elements speedily. High metabolism reduces the risk of obesity, diabetes, and cardiovascular diseases. 

There are many factors that contribute to good metabolism – one of them being the need to be more physically active throughout the day. 

However, in today’s world where our livelihoods are generally dependent on our ability to sit and be physically sedentary for 8-10 hours, it is really tough to have a good body metabolic rate. Our lifestyle is one of the major causes of the rise of cases of metabolic health issues all over the world. 

The SPU addresses the key issue of improving metabolic health while factoring in our current sedentary lifestyle. Hence, it is most definitely a discovery we should all be excited about.

Another major factor that makes SPU the “it” discovery is how it affects the consumption of oxygen in the body as well as blood glucose. 

When the SPU was tested, the whole-body effects on blood chemistry included a 52% improvement in the excursion of blood glucose (sugar) and 60% less insulin requirement over three hours after ingesting a glucose drink.  

Our Founder, Sachin Vyas who is extremely passionate about all things metabolic health was elated upon reading this news about the SPU. He said, “It is a scientific breakthrough that has the potential to change the healthcare tech landscape. We have our eyes glued on what comes next and are also doing our own research to understand this phenomenon better.” 

What Is The Soleus Pushup (SPU)? 

The Soleus Pushup is basically an intersection between medical science and modern technology. Unlike a traditional pushup, you need not be in a plank position to perform SPU. 

In fact, according to Hamilton, you must be properly seated on a chair, with your heels touching down to do the SPU. Next, let your heels rise while your toes are firmly on the ground. As soon as your heels rise, the tech activates the Soleus muscle and passively releases the foot back down. The aim is to simultaneously shorten the calf muscle while the soleus is naturally activated by its motor neurons. This movement when performed over longer durations ensures that the normal metabolic rate is doubled and the blood glucose is absorbed directly while resisting fatigue and consumption of the body’s existing energy stores. 

“The soleus pushup looks simple from the outside, but sometimes what we see with our naked eye isn’t the whole story. It’s a very specific movement that right now requires wearable technology and experience to optimize the health benefits,” said Hamilton.


How Is The Soleus Muscle Different From Other Muscles? 

There are approximately 600 muscles in the human body. The soleus is one of these 600 muscles. However, it stands out from the rest for a few reasons: 

  • Compared to other muscles the Soleus muscle doesn’t get tired easily. It shows lesser signs of fatigue. 
  • The overall endurance of the Soleus muscle is much higher than even other stronger muscles like the biceps. 
  • While the other muscles in the body consume glycogen, the soleus consumes the blood glucose directly thus helping in settling spikes. 

Founder Speaks 

Sachin Vyas, Founder of Upside Health believes that “Even if SPU becomes a reality, one must remember that it is a tool for good metabolic health but not the entire toolkit! SPU should not become a free pass for unhealthy eating, avoiding exercise, and not getting enough sleep. One must look at SPU as a boost to existing healthy lifestyle choices.” 

Food For Thought

“The real voyage of discovery consists not in seeking new landscapes, but in having new eyes.” 

Marcel Proust

Upside Health is tracking these new developments with eagerness as well as a little caution. While we comprehend the magnitude of this discovery and the tech research that goes along with it, we also understand that the Soleus Pushup is not a “hack”, it is a movement that could revolutionize metabolic health.