‘Go nuts’ Almond Katli


Everyone’s favorite Katli- now in almond goodness

Delicious, nutrition-rich badam katli with no sugar and 2gms of carbs per serving. Made with wholesome, clean ingredients to satisfy those sweet cravings.

Almond flour | Fresh Cream | Stevia-based sweetener | Ghee

the Highlights

Gluten Free

No Seed Oil

No Refined Grains

Sugar Free

Zero Preservative

No Artificial Colors


  • Made with clean, wholesome ingredients
  • Rich in protein and good fats
  • Healthier way to celebrate festivities
  • 2-weeks-long shelf life helps in planning for food & cravings in a better way
  • Stock in your refrigerator for up to 2 weeks
  • Bring it to room temperature for the best Katli experience
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Celebration Ready

When you need a healthy option for all those celebrations in life

Mood Lifter

Your daily dose of serotonin & dopamine to lift your mood

Sweet Cravings

When your sweet tooth is acting up after that lunch or dinner

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Almond flour is naturally gluten-free and grainfree. It’s also a low-glycemic, keto-friendly food that is rich in fat, magnesium, and vitamin E for improved skin and healthy joints.

Sweetener (Erythritol or Stevia)

Erythritol is a non-caloric sugar alcohol, while Stevia is a low-calorie sugar substitute that stems from the Stevia Rebaudiana (Bertoni) plant. They are scientifically proven to be a healthy alternative to regular sugar.


Its consumption is strongly related to a healthy gut. Ghee is a rich source of vitamins, antioxidants, and healthy fats. While fat should be consumed in moderation, studies show that eating fatty foods such as ghee can help the body absorb some essential vitamins and minerals. Cooking healthy foods and vegetables with ghee may help you absorb more nutrients.

Milk Cream

Fresh cream offers a very rich source of calcium, good fats, and low carbohydrates.

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our standards for high-quality and sustainable wellness products

Upside Health is a wellness company that is dedicated to providing high-quality and sustainable wellness products to their customers. The company has a six-point set of standards that are designed to ensure that every supplement, smoothie, bowl, and tincture is effective, safe, and environmentally friendly. Here are the six standards that UPSIDE HEALTH uses to evaluate their products
sweets without the guilt
Satisfy your sweet tooth with maximum pleasure and zero guilt. These low-carb, delicious katlis are a unique blend of science and art, just like all other food at Upside. They are as tasty on the tongue as they are healthy on the rest of the body. Ditch those sugar-packed, carb-stuffed sweets that have a downside, and switch to Upside’s wholesome and healthy katlis.
Sugar is the ultimate enemy of the human body. When it comes to celebrations, we usually fall back upon store-bought, sugar-loaded stuff and end up harming our long-term health. Our almond katlis are crafted with clean, wholesome ingredients that are perfect for your health. Not to mention that the sweetener used in all our foods is either plant-based Stevia or Erythritol i.e. non-caloric sugar alcohol known to have a low glycemic index.
celebrate good health on every occasion
from kids to the elderly, made for all
These delicious katlis are classic Indian sweets made for every age group, including senior citizens who like to indulge in traditional sweets but cannot do so because of their age-related health concerns. Our katlis are well suited for diabetic patients because of our use of zero sugar. Everyone, from kids to adults, can now enjoy a guilt-free, tasty and mind-blowingly sweet experience whenever they want.